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♥This is me...♥

25 September
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Hi, I'm Lottie, i'm 24 years old and this is my new to Live Journal! Here is a little about me....

♥I am a witch and proud of it! My religion is very important to me, I live in tune with the seasons and celebrate the good things in life like food, love, wine, sunshine, and my gorgeous live-in lover! Some think I am a bit of a hippy tree-hugger, but I mean well!

♥I adore animals, especially cats which I have grown up with and feel that I have a real connection with. Unfortunately I cannot have cats anymore due to living in rented accomodation! I find this difficult to accept, but I enjoy feeding the birds who visit my little semi-urban garden and I have two gorgeous gerbils! Unfortunately due to living not far from the city centre, I don't get much chance to commune with wildlife; Not good for a born and bred country girl, but I get by!

♥I am very concerned about the state of the environment and try to tread lightly on the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle! I try to only buy organicly produced food and also grow my own herbs for my spells, natural remedies, bath and body products.

♥I have recently graduated from uni and now have my first real job at Oxford University, which I love to bits! I am, along with my boyfriend, saving hard for our planned year out travelling the globe and experiencing a small amount of what this world have to offer!

♥One day I hope to settle down back up north where I belong, in a house with a big garden, fruit trees, my own veg and herb patch, chickens and a few kids!

♥I may sound earthy, but I am a party girl at heart and have a naughty side. I love thick black eyeliner, bleech blonde hair, clubbing, sex, fake tan, alcohol and certain illegal substances, and I do not apologize for it! Now that I am all grown up, in full-time employment and have a house to run I don't get much chance to party, but when I do, I go wild!

If you like the sounds of that, ADD ME!!